* Chung FIRED After 80 Days of Employment at Central Fla. Heart Cntr.
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His Supreme Holiness, LORD Itchy
2020-07-23 12:29:27 UTC
Chung FIRED after 80 days employment at the Central Florida Heart
Center (CFHC) by head of Cardiology, Dr. Frank Hildner MD.

(NOTE: the 80 days of employment @ (CFHC) are Chung's TOTAL
experience as a licensed Doctor. Chung is far too ARROGANT and
EGOCENTRIC (INSANE) to work with others, he is unemployable.
His license to practice medicine has been revoked due to insanity.)

Chung's only marriage lasted about the same 80 days. That seems to
be how long it takes normal people to realize that an extreme ego-
maniac like Chung will never become a functional human being.
Chung is unemployable, has almost no real medical experience,
and is not licensed to practice medicine anywhere. He is INSANE.
Baptist mold–Christianity turned into its opposite, total arrogance.
Dr. Frank Hildner MD wrote the following letter to Andrew B. Chung:

Dr. Chung:
Any comments I make at this time are mine alone and do not
necessarily reflect the views of CFHC (Central Florida Heart Ctr).
After going through this difficult time with you, I understand that you
are probably not interested in anything I have to say. Also, I believe
what I do say will probably be twisted or interpreted by you to suit
your purposes. For that reason I will be as direct and declarative as
Your website comments about cardiology in Ocala, FL are detractions
and border on slander. These are legal terms, and one of the important
features of them is that the comments are published. Your website
fulfills that requirement. Now just reflect on the fact that you are
the only one to make such insinuations or allegations. Any reasonable
person seeing these things may justifiably conclude that it is you that
is out of step, not the other 15 or 20 cardiologists in Ocala. As I
have in the past, I am trying to get you to see the reality of the
situation from outside your head. You have chosen to ignore the
good advice I tried to give while you were here. I hope you will soon
realize you are doing yourself more harm than good by publishing your
dispute. It would be better to let it go, before your reputation
suffers more.

Speaking of reputations, I have spent 35 years building mine. I can
call on physicians from around the world and this community to attest
to it. I can also call upon the many physicians I trained to do cardiac
catheterization (over 25 years) to offer a positive opinion about my
work. You can't. Being just out of training, you have no reputation
except the one you have just established here in Ocala. You are
continuing to establish your reputation by publishing your website.
How do you think what you have said would look to another physician,-
perhaps an employer- when he reads it? Do you think he or anyone
would conclude that you are a reputable physician, easy to work with
and a team player?

Personally, if I find that you speak disparagingly of me, or my work to
any patient or physician, be assured I will not take the matter
lightly. Whatever you think of me personally, or whatever you think of
my professional activity, you do not have the right to condemn either
me or the work to another and thereby compromise my reputation.
You may disagree with me, or state we have a difference of opinion,
but you may not state that I am practicing less than optimum
Once again, if I find that you have done so, (and I hope it has not
happened yet) I will certainly take the matter to the State Board of
Medicine for a hearing. If the Florida State Board finds cause, and
renders a censure, that must be transmitted to all other State Boards
on your next and all future applications for licensure. And once again,
just common sense should tell you that hitting back in your situation is
counterproductive and could be disastrous for you. But as I told you
face to face, you may have great book smarts, but your actions have
shown that you have no common sense that permits you to operate
successfully in a professional community. And, once again, I will tell you
what I did before, you do not operate in a vacuum. Your practice,
wherever it may be, must be according to the community standard,
regardless of what you perceive that to be. And an attitude that you
vocalized by saying that you were unable to change the community
standard in Ocala speaks loudly and clearly about your perception of
reality and your inability to work with your colleagues.

Dr. Chung, I urgently advise you to let the past go. Look to your
future which could be bright. If you persist in these efforts of
hitting back and trying to justify your actions to a world that looks
upon such attempts as childish or immature and unprofessional, you
will continue to do yourself a disservice. You lost your job because you
talked yourself out of it.

Frank Hildner MD
Central Florida Heart Ctr.
3310 SW 34th St
Ocala, FL
His Supreme Holiness, LORD Itchy
2020-07-23 21:00:21 UTC
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